"Jenny has a unique ability to incorporate both stakeholder and shareholder requirements while delivering optimized overall functionality for end users. She was an unquestioned catalyst for positive organizational change, and she maximized her impact through her ability to seamlessly blend her deep theoretical knowledge with hands-on practicality and experience." 

          -- Tim Johnson, Process Engineer

"Jenny gets a lot of instructional design done in a short amount of time. She’s quick and intuitive about figuring out training needs. If a process change, job aid, or reference guide will solve the problem, Jenny is not afraid to recommend it instead of training. And she’ll develop that, too, and in record time."

          -- Nancy LaCroix Shutter, eLearning Designer

"Jennifer brings a strong skill set to any staff development or corporate policy problem, She has both depth and breadth in development practice with experience over many years and four industries. She takes a practical, solutions oriented approach which is always based in solid learning theory. If you have a staff performance problem, she has the answer."

        -- Rolf Parsons, Ph.D.

"Jenny developed end user training materials for a global deployment that were comprehensive and provided business process and change training, system training and quick reference guides for users. Jenny had a clear vision of what the international user community would need to be successful. She was sensible in her design approach, adaptable and always pleasant and professional. She taught me a lot about what an end-to-end training curriculum looks like." 

         --Lisa Gerten, Retail Planning Expert


Jennifer Bryan has 15 + years’ experience in designing and implementing training, change and process solutions for organizations of all sizes and across several industries including healthcare, medical device, agricultural commodities, retail, IT, technology and manufacturing.  She has served in key operational, training, learning and change management roles for organizations such as Jack Links Snacks, Dell Compellent, Best Buy,  UV Color, INC. and Nabisco Foods. Jenny has deep knowledge of operations, safety compliance and quality systems, and understands how to leverage documentation management strategies to support effective learning and performance in the workplace. Jennifer also has a passion for international and cross-cultural training and change management and has worked with business teams from Poland, Croatia, Turkey, Mexico, UK and China.


  • MA, Human Resource Development w/Organization Development Certificate
  • BA, Biology, Community Health



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"Jennifer is one of the most well-rounded learning professionals I have ever worked with. Whether it was conducting an organization-wide business needs assessment, creating a two-week intensive learning experience for global participants, or focusing on new hire training, Jennifer always delivered as promised and made many valuable contacts within the business along the way. Additionally, she was able to excel in situations where the need was ambiguous; the internal client wasn't sure what they were trying to achieve; or when requirements or outcomes were a constantly moving target. I wouldn't hesitate to hire Jennifer again and always appreciated her candor, humor, and team-first approach to working."

          -- Joe Matheis, Business Consultant

"Jenny is highly detailed, organized and passionate about process improvement. She has the curiosity to delve into the details and has a lot of experience gathering complex, multi-channel requirements, then building and delivering the training materials. Jenny cares deeply about the quality of work she does and I would highly recommend her." 

          -- Elva Krebsbach, Digital Strategy Manager

"Jennifer just completed customized Salesforce training for a global client in the agricultural industry and completely exceeded my expectations! She worked closely with the team to create a training design that encompassed multiple learning approaches based on the location of the end users. She then engaged the team in the development process to ensure accountability in the business. The feedback from the business was very positive, they absolutely loved the materials. Jenny is self-driven and a great partner!"  

         ~~Stephanie C, Change Management Consultant

Lucid is passionate about helping organizations address human resource and organizational needs with training and process solutions. We can help you:

  • Involve & engage employees 
  • Create simple, visual learning and process solutions
  • Integrate knowledge & support tools with the work environment
  • Design effective learning that is relevant and experiential
  • Foster the life-long journey of learning & development with effective workplace and workforce development programs